2019 Liquid Force Surf Series AK 4'6" Wakefoil Package

2019 Liquid Force Surf Series AK 4'6" Wakefoil Package

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2019 Liquid Force Surf Series AK 4'6" Wakefoil Package

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2019 Liquid Force Surf Series AK 4'6" Wakefoil Package


The WAKEFOIL SS AK Complete Wakefoil Package is nothing short of revolutionary! Not only does it allow you to legitimately surf behind virtually any watercraft capable of pulling you out of the hole, but it's also one of the most surreal feelings that you just have to experience to understand. Forget about ballast bags, wake shapers, or having a million dollar wake-specific boat in order to wakesurf, the WAKEFOIL SS AK Complete Wakefoil Package comes with all the pieces necessary to hit the water and get absolutely pitted! Oh yeah, and did we mention that you can just as easily use this as a regular wakesurfer too? Simply swap out the mast for fins!


Product Details:

Construction and Materials

High Density BoardDesigned for buoyancy and more efficient pumping.


AK 4-6 SurfboardDesigned with versatility in mind, the AK 4-6 comes with foil track plugs and fins so you can also ride it as a premium wake surfboard when not using it to hydrofoil.


Directional RockerThe directional rocker shape of this board enhances the ease of lift off by providing an upward flair on the rails and added length and width in the nose. This allows you to float effortlessly on the water as you begin to engage the foil. The spoon like shape of the nose is designed to deter the board from pearling under the water, rather providing a soft landing when returning to the surface.

Fins --- Configuration

SS 24" MastWith increased chord length and a thinner width, the SS mast allows for more efficient movement through the water. The new mast comes equipped with a new collar design with open sockets for easy foil to board attachment.

Aluminum Alloy FuselageHydrodynamic shape fuselage designed for superior water flow, low resistance and minimal cavitation. It is designed for durability with its fluid alloy construction.

Carbon Surf WingsThe new Surf Wing set provides unprecedented performance. It is designed to provide rapid lift and long glide, along with a wide speed and wind range. The Surf Wing set will take your hydrofoiling to the next level. Allowing more time for carving transitions, constant wing engagement on jump landings, and the ability to ride in any condition ever imagined. Efficient and smooth controlled lift, along with the ability to generate glide by pumping the wing, keeps swell energy locked in under your feet and keeps you high in the sky. Created in collaboration with Could IX surf foils.

Additional Features --- Traction pad, EVA Traction

InsertsIncludes inserts for straps.

Lift SpeedGenerates lift at 4mph and performs well at both low and high speeds.

Board Specs:

LengthWidthVolumeCoreRider WeightAttachment Method
20.23 L EPS 120-200 lbs Foil Track
10" box

Foil Specs:

ModelFront Wing Surface AreaRear Wing Surface AreaMastFuselageAspect RatioMin Speed for Lift (180lb rider)
SS 110 1100 cm2 300 cm2 AL 24"
AL 28"
3.29 10mph


Additional Information

Brand Liquid Force
Construction No
Design No
Entry System No
Flex No
Lacing System No
Ability Level No
Rocker No

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