Toronto Area Cableparks

Cable parks have been popping up around Ontario over the past couple of years making it easier for the average boarding enthusiast to get out on the water and try wakeboarding. For as long as wakeboarding has been around it has been accompanied by the harsh reality that you need a boat, and if you want a good boat you have to pay…a lot. For the average boarder this is a dream, sometimes met at a cottage lake on a friends boat or at a wake school renting sets, but the price of gas is always gonna hold you back. This has all changed with the invention of the cable park, invented in 1959 by a German waterskier, cables have been sprouting up all over Europe and Asia with more than 80 cables in Germany alone. So why go to the cable park if you are used to the boat? Most cable parks have features you will rarely find on the lake like rails and jumps and for snowboarders this feels more at home. This is also a good place to learn how to load the line, a skill that is hard to get down when your ripping across unsettled lake. Here are a the cable parks that are killing it Ontario

The Ranch - New Market

The Ranch Wakepark is one of the premiere cable wakeboarding facilities in Ontario and the closest in proximity to Toronto(Only 40 minutes from our Toronto Location)! What started off as a dream, quickly turned into a reality in the summer of 2011, when they opened our doors for riders of all kinds. The Ranch caters to riders of all ages and skill levels. Their certified coaches provide a safe and fun environment for riders looking to get out on the water and practice their newest tricks. They offer top-notch, custom-built features such as kickers, rails and fun boxes as well as lots of room for tricks in the air!
Price: $20 for 1 session with discounts for bulk buying

The Railyard - Mount Albert

Rail Yard Wake Park has plenty to offer beginners and intermediate riders of all ages. No need to head to cottage country to experience the thrill of wakeboarding, wake skating or kneeboarding. Located on a 24-acre privately owned lake only 45 minutes north of Toronto you can learn, practice and improve your skills at Rail Yard Wake Park. Upon arrival head on down the path to the waterfront… if it’s your first time at a cable park… no worries, we will guide you through the process. It’s really simple – let our staff know what you want to do (or ask for suggestions) and we’ll hook you up with everything you need. PFDs, helmets and boards are all available to rent, if you don’t have your own.

Price: $20 for 10 minutes with discounts for bulk buying

What Wake Park - Muskoka

The name “What Wake Park” is new to Muskoka, however the company has deep roots and a rich history in the area, where water-sports have always captivated residents and visitors alike. Muskoka is home for many unforgettable memories and continue to be the birthplace of new ones. Whether it’s the first time up on a pair of water-skis or that first invert on your wakeboard (accidentally or intentional), it’s safe to say life doesn’t get much better than summer days spent in Muskoka.

Price: $20 for 1 session with discounts for bulk buying

Windmill Wake & Eco Park - Bayfield

Only 5 minutes from Bayfield, Windmill lake has more than 200 acres of forest and trails. It also is has a 40 acre lake, equipped with the only straight line cable park in Huron County they also have plans to become the first full-size cable park in Ontario in the near future.​ For now it looks like a place to defiantly check out.

Price: $20 for 20 minutes. Seaason Pass: $600

Boarder Pass - Port Colborne

Located Just outside of Niagra falls in Port Colborne, this border pass is right by the border so if your from New York or Ontario you gotta check this place out.

Price: $25 for 20 minutes

Boarder Pass - Sarnia

Located right in the town of Sarnia by the harbour it's a great place to get out of the city and ride.

Price: $25 for 20 minutes

Boarder Pass - Hamilton

Located outside Hamilton this is the third of all the Boarder Pass cable parks. Its a bit of a drive outside of the city but anything is worth a quick pull on the cable.

Price: $25 for 20 minutes