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Kite Fix Multi Option Rep Valve


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Kite Fix Multi Option Rep Valve

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From the Leaders in Repair Technology, this valve provides a Multitude of options, and is the Only valve you’ll need for an Emergency replacement on any bladder. Use as a standard Inflate, or cut at specified location for options as a One-pump on almost any kite on the market with external One-pump system. As it comes, it’s a standard 9mm Valve with Check-flap. Cut off the flap for 9mm 2-way valve for Inflate/Deflate, or as 9mm One-pump valve with LARGE L-Stem (extra). Cut valve itself shorter at specified location and use the SMALL L-Stem (provided) to be a one-pump valve compatible to Cabrinha, North, F-One, Ozone, Slingshot, Airush, Liquid Force, Crazyfly, Best, Wainman, RRD, Globe Kites, Ocean Rodeo, Vari, and more.

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  1. Changing out the main bladder valve on my kite

    Review by Pierre-Alexandre (Posted on June 26, 2016)

    Ordered the valve from Alberta. $20 shipping was way overpriced for this small letter size package... The package was sent on a timely manner. Installed the valve as per instructions. When I tried to inflate the kite, following day, the kite deflated within 10 minutes. The glue around the valve did let go. Back to square one. Must be a problem with the glue kitefix used on that batch. Call Boardsports so they send me an other valve. They are supposed to call me back... We will see if Boardsports stand behind the products they sell... To be continued...

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