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Online registration for the Toronto Indoor SUP Race has now closed.  If you would like to sign up please contact Steve at 647-298-9463


The date is set for the 2nd Annual Toronto Indoor SUP Race! Mark your calendars for Sunday January 14th, 2018. We will be racing on the Worlds Largest Indoor Lake in front of the crowd at the Toronto International Boat Show. The event is not just about SUP racing, but having fun and being an ambassador for the sport in front of the larger Toronto International Boat Show audience.





- Race is limited to elite paddlers. Entry is limited to 36 Paddlers.

- All racers are competing on a 12'6" Inflatable SUP Board that will provided. Racers are required to bring their own paddles and PFDs (inflatables are ok). We won't be using leashes.

- Sprint race format with up to six paddlers per race. Races will be 300-500m with 5+ buoy turns. Starting will be an onwater lay down belly start. And a paddle finish (no running). Winners of their heats advancing to the finals.

- A couple of days before the event, competitors will be notfied of their race times. Competitors must sign in 30 minutes before their heat, and be ready 10 minutes prior.

- Entry fee includes admission to the Toronto International Boat Show ($20 Value), a Rip Curl rash guard shirt ($50 Value), prizes, trophy, etc.

- Contact: (or check out the Facebook group)

Side Note: The water is pumped up from Lake Ontario and is not warmed. The water is shallow, but it will be very cold. Due to the tight course, the likelihood of falling in is high. So suit up as you feel appropriate.



Toronto International Boat Show


Enercare Centre, Exhibition Place

Toronto, Ontario M6K 3C3