2019 Fanatic Jag LTD 125

2019 Fanatic Jag LTD 125

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2019 Fanatic Jag LTD 125 - Race Windsurf Board



2019 Fanatic Jag LTD 125

A new edition for 2019, the Jag is a slalom board set free from the racecourse! Offering slalom board performance without the concessions required to win around a tight course. The Jag is a pedal-to-metal missile designed for riders whose racecourse is the open ocean!

Volume: 125 L

Width: 75 cm

Length: 235 cm

Weight: 7.6 kg

Essentially a slalom board with a more likeable character, the Jag is designed to settle down and stretch its legs over a distance rather than battle on the edge of control for the short duration of a slalom race.

With its narrower width, smaller tail cut-outs and flatter rocker line the Jag is inherently more controllable than a slalom board and consequently excels with everything from rotational to race rigs.  These same design attributes are also responsible for the Jag being an easier and more rewarding board to gybe than a dedicated slalom board.

Offered in Fanatic's Premium full PVC Biax Fibre LTD construction with a high quality Choco Black Pearl race fin, the Jag is designed to offer incredible performance at an even more incredible price.  Being fast no longer has to be expensive!

The Jag is not only a new product for 2019, it’s a new concept; a slalom board that has been re-tuned for free sailing, rather than de-tuned!

  • Supplied complete with a Choco ‘Black Pearl’ race fin
  • Ergonomic rail shape designed for foot comfort
  • Recessed mastfoot area, keeping the rig connection low and boosting control
  • Accessibility, a slalom board designed for the real world
  • Great gybing characteristics
  • Doesn’t need a dedicated race rig to get the best from it
  • Deep Tuttle Box for strength and foil use
  • Smaller cut-outs for control, gybing and ease of planning
  • Double footstrap inserts offering inboard and outboard options
  • Can be used with rotational rigs, although more suited to cambered rigs for maximum performance
  • Premium full PVC Biax Fibre Technology (LTD construction) for a light and crisp ride

Biax Fibre / Full PVC Sandwich Light Finish Technology (BXF)

When combined with the sandwich construction, this high quality Full Biax Glass and full PVC specification provides an optimised weight / stiffness / flex ratio.


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SKU 131795
Brand Fanatic
Ability Level No
Accessories No
Construction No
Design No
Flex No
Grip No
Hull No
Size 125

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