2017 North Neo 6M Kite Only

2017 North Neo 6M Kite Only



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2017 North Neo 6M Kite Only



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2017 North Neo 6M Kite Only


Wave / Freeride

  • Moderate Delta design
  • 4th and 5th line compatible
  • 3 strut design
  • Excellent drifting abilites
  • Responsive steering when depowered
  • Quick and consistent turning when powered
  • Very powerful (choose 1-2 sizes smaller)


The Neo is a purebred wave kite ready to meet your wave shredding needs. Perfectly suited to hardcore wave fanatics and strapless wave freestyle riders, this powerful kite design allows you to use 1-2sqm less than you would normally do on other models, which automatically makes you use faster turning kites! The high performance design concept makes the Neo travel fast and effortless when riding towards the kite or surfing down the line, but delivers smooth power when needed, e.g. in powerful bottom turns. The Neo is the guarantee for a responsive ride with excellent manoeuvrability. Due to its accessible steering, the forgiving feel and a quick and easy relaunch, the Neo is also ideal for freeriding, doesn´t matter if on a twin tip or a surfboard.



Size WindrangeRec. Line Length
4 26-40 22 (24)
5 23-38 22 (24)
6 21-36 22 (24)
7 19-34 22 (24)
8 17-32 22 (24)
9 15-30 22-24
10 13-28 22-24
11 12-25 22-24
12 11-22 22-24



  • Dacron and Technoforce D2

  • Lines by Teufelberger

  • Abrasion Reinforcement

  • Bladders of Polyurethane

  • Lazy Pump

  • Airport Valve I

  • TQM-The Quality Check Card

  • Computerised Sewing

  • Computerised Cutting

  • Load Distribution Panels

  • Fusion Strut

  • Zipperless Strut

  • Double-V Pigtails

  • Kook Proof Connectors

  • Heavy Duty Leading Edge Closing Seam

  • Self Rescue Handles

  • Trailing Edge Force Control

  • Anti Snag




Additional Information

SKU 119890
Brand North
Ability Level No
Construction No
Design No
Entry System No
Flex No
Lacing System No
Shape No
Size 6m

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