2016 North Sails S-type

2016 North Sails S-type

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The all new S_TYPE SL has just one goal: to be as successful as its legendary predecessors which won numerous world-wide magazine tests over the years and received first-class honors in their categories. Therefore Kai Hopf has thrown everything into the mix, resulting in even more performance without having a negative effect on the handling. The decisive factor is the NO.COMPROMISE.DESIGN that he translated directly from the WARP F2016into the S_TYPE SL. Thanks to reinforcements around the leading edge, the known draft stability and the broad wind range could be retained. The result is a highly sporty and competitive slalom sail that thirsts for speed, yet is easy to tame.

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Key features

> 01   NEW: NO.COMPROMISE.DESIGN: Guarantees an ideal mix of maximum power and forward pull without loosing stability/wind-range or becoming super physical

> 02   LUFF.LIFT.PANEL: super early planing and acceleration through increased profile in the upper luff

> 03   PROGRESSIVE.BATTEN.CONFIGURATION: batten amount depending on sail size and thus perfectly matching the range of use

> 04   iBUMPER: the most advanced and effective molded mast protector

> 05   HYPER.CAM: Again and again confirmed through magazine tests worldwide: The best rotating camber on the market

> 06   SWITCH.CAM.OPTION 3/2: 3 cams for max. performance - 2 cams for improved handling

> 07   MINIMUM.MAST.CONCEPT: one mast (460-25) fits all sizes

> 08   AERO.SLEEVE.DESIGN 2.0: maximum performance combined with effortless waterstarting

> 09   2 Year Warranty. Get an additional 3 year Warranty: register here

 Available color combinations

16_s_type_sl_c03.png   16_s_type_sl_c04.png
C03: Acid.Green - New.Orleans.Blue   C04: Ferrari.Red - Noir.Black

Sizes:  6.0 | 6.6 | 7.3 | 7.8 | 8.3 | 8.8




Twice as durable, half the stretch

NorthSails stands for unsurpassed quality that guarantees a longer life for our sails. The triple zig-zag seams significantly contribute to this. And they don‘t come, as usual, in a single, but in a double version! They cover all exposed crash areas that would otherwise be damaged. The result is higher resistance to tear and a reduction of stretch by up to 50% as a result of the second seam, also benefiting profile stability and performance. Only the DOUBLE.SEAM.TECHNOLOGY by NorthSails can deliver this!R14_sail_feature_5.jpg


More protection, less abrasion

The iBUMPER is probably the most innovative mast protector on the market. Under heat its highly resilient surface material gets thermally connected to a shock-absorbing foam. The intelligent arrangement of the ribs and surfaces not only offer weight advantages, but also eliminates the two most common problems. The contoured upper section provides unprecedented bump protection and cushioning in the event of foot or lower leg contact. The lower part however is designed towards maximum abrasion resistance to meet the frequent board contact. This is indicated by the absence of ribs and the generous surface. Smart detail: a mesh pocket at the inside to store the excess downhaul rope.


No stretch, no tension loss

What has been proven in safety belts is just good enough for us windsurfers! As the only manufacturer we use Polyester webbing at the (vario) top, the tack roller and the batten tensioner attachment-loops. The advantage over conventional Polypropylene is the almost non-existing stretch. Even brand new sails now keep the full downhaul tension and need not be re-tensioned. The same is true for the batten tensioner. A small detail with a great effect!


Fewer layers, lower weight

With the newly developed high-tech PURE.PATCH.TECHNOLOGY one layer of PURE PE material replaces the traditional multi-layer reinforcements. This applies to the clew, luff and the batten pocket ends. The altered structure in combination with the highly abrasion-resistant and virtually indestructible PURE material saves 50% of the weight of the previous patches! Woven in two direction


(all E_TYPE with fixed top)

Even faster and easier to rig

The all-new VTS.PLUS trim indicators (FAST.RIGGING.INDICATION) that make all E_TYPE and CURVE sails with fix-top even easier and faster to rig. Thanks to precise specifications of the mastand boom lengths the down- and outhaul are simply pulled as far as it goes, done! Of course, the traditional VTS trimming dots are also available to allow all specialists more flexibility for maximum performance.


Lighter, more aerodynamic, extremely durable

With 50% less weight than its predecessor, the iROCKET is our lightest batten tensioner ever! Despite the significantly lower dimensions there is no loss in durability or adjustability. Stretch-free, abrasion resistant Polyester webbing results in a rock-solid fixation of the iROCKET!

14_sail_feature_10.jpgHightech-Laminat "ODL"


Extremely light, extremely high-tech

Yachting sail specialist POLYANT delivers one of the most desirable laminates available today. ODL is an extremely lightweight material that is unbelievably 50% lighter than regular X.PLY and makes every weight freak rave. Since the film thickness is reduced to an absolute minimum this laminate is exclusively used for the IDOL_LTD. Please note the reduced UV-stability!


(all sails with Vario Top)

Find the optimum vario top setting without the usual try and error

From the first rigging now the length of the vario top is set correctly. Easy to read length indicators show the perfect setting in relation to the used mast length which eliminates any testing and readjustment!


(all sails with Vario Top)

Inspired by high mechanical load capacity climbing harnesses and racing helmets

The exclusive two-piece Double.D.BUCKLE replaces present standard solutions. This construction guarantees outstanding trimming options and completely eliminates webbing slippage.


(WARP F2015, S_TYPE SL, E_TYPE 6.2 and up)

Optimum combination of minimized rotation forces, power and handling

The CROSS.BATTEN concept is the intelligent solution that shifts the sail’s center of effort downwards and supports the larger surface area in the boom zone. It also allows for an early planing profile without losing handling. Ideal in combination with the PROGRESSIVE.CUTAWAY.CLEW which has an extremely positive influence on the sails agility, feel and allows a shorter, stiffer boom. Both features individually vary depending on the type and size of the sail.

That is, the more pronounced the CUTAWAY thus the longer the CROSS.BATTEN, the more flex and comfort, especially when overpowered ("excess" sail area "flexes away"). The more performance-oriented the sail, the less pronounced the CUTAWAY.CLEW and the CROSS.BATTEN are to ensure a more direct acceleration.



The lightest monofilm on the market!

To save as much weight as possible, we now use ULTRA.FILM which is just 4mil thick for the super lightweight IDOL_LTD as well as the WARP F2015. This extreme monoflim is used throughout the body panel and contributes significantly to the low overall weight thanks to its reduced thickness.


Extremely stable, extremely unbreakable

There is no higher load on the equipment as you get during Wave riding or Freestyle. Brute forces when getting washed or heavy wipe-outs can quickly spoil the fun. For this reason, from now on all wave and freestyle sails (except IDOL_LTD) are equipped with brand new, extremely durable epoxy battens that can really survive anything. Some more evidence of the famous NorthSails longevity.


(WARP F2015)

Increased range of use, individual tuning options

The secret of the TWIN.TRIM.CLEW are the 2 horizontally placed clew eyelets. The outer clew position provides more power and a more direct feeling, while the inner position gives more control and a softer sensation.


Soft rotation and excellent rigging comfort

The ultimate in smooth sailing with unequalled advantages.

Advantage 1: Super-fast rigging. (Sliding-up instead of snapping-on the mast.) No need for repeat adjustments to luff- and outhaul tension.

Advantage 2: Minimum friction means soft rotation, since the HYPER.CAM features free rollers without plastic buckles, so that only the rollers touch the mast.

Advantage 3: Optimized shape for the best possible mast pocket profile and ideal aerodynamics

Advantage 4: Fits all mast diameters, since only the rollers but never the plastic body touch the surface, which also makes the HYPER.CAM extremely easy to rotate.


Minimum forces for perfect trim

The integrated, nickel-plated brass triple roller minimizes the downhaul forces tremendously. The optimized side plate with integrated rope led prevents that the rope will be damaged or jumps from the roll. 


Extremely stable luff reinforcement

The area around the boom cutout is particularly exposed to wear and tear, because the luff panel always forms wrinkles when inserting the mast. Over time, this „accordion effect“ may cause cracks in the monofilm. The flexible DURA.LUFF.PATCH reinforces the area around the boom and creates a soft transition to the monofilm, while preventing cracks in the film.


Improved sail control at higher wind speeds

Kai Hopf relied on the WARP F2013 to design the TT.TOP. The concave shape is slightly reduced, which improves tension and allows for a more effective, three-dimensional top twist. This means the top twists not only horizontally, but also vertically under strong winds. By virtually neutralizing gusts, the rig’s kept steady in the rider‘s hands, and works in a much larger range of winds.


Choosing the right boom length without experimenting

Since the boom is positioned at different points on the mast depending on the rider‘s height, the ideal boom length varies due to the different angles. To make it easier to find the right length fast, the individual recommendations are written directly on the luff panel at boom level.



Individual batten setting for better performance!

Since each batten fulfills a different task, we use a huge variety of batten types. They differ not only in their cross section (round or rectangular) but also in the materials used (glass, glass-carbon composites, full carbon) and in their geometry (thickness, width). Moreover, all battens have specific stiffness degrees and profiles, regardless of their length for 100% draft stability in the center of the sail, optimum twist in the top (horizontally and vertically), and reduced top weight (easier handling).


Beautiful, no weak-spot

Some brands use exotic and expensive thread materials, like Kevlar or Spectra for their X.Ply laminates. At first view this sounds great as these materials have approx. half the stretch than the Polyester threads we use.

On the other hand it's important to know that the monofilm around the threads is also made of Polyester. This leads to a very uneven construction. Rather than having a certain give/elasticity to “buffer” load peaks without breaking, the non-stretch Kevlar/Spectra threads rip the film from the inside out.

With a Polyester-film + Polyester-thread construction you avoid the film becoming a weak spot as all materials have the same elongation.


Eliminates unintentional leech flutter

Short, highly effective miniature battens support the area between the long battens and prevent any annoying flutter.


No more friction when threading the mast into the mast pocket

A brilliant trick makes inserting the mast a breeze. The NorthSails logo above the boom cutout opens the mast pocket just a little, allowing the rider to insert the mast with just one hand, without having to move up the luff.


Additional Information

Brand North
Ability Level No
Accessories No
Battens 7-Batten
Construction No
Design No
Flex No
Grip No
Hull No
Length 10

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