2016 Naish X2

2016 Naish X2




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2016 Naish X2 - Windsurf Sail

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2016 Naish X2 - Windsurf Sail


A completely new take on the cambered freeride/slalom concept, the new X2 is the perfect solution for riders seeking early planing, top-end speed and incredibly easy jibing in an ultralight package.

Designed with just 2 cams and 5 battens, the X2 goes head-to-head with 3-cam/7-batten freerace sails, yet is lighter, easier to handle and easier to rig. The low aspect ratio and moderately wide sleeve deliver incredible low-end power and acceleration, while 4 tube battens lock in the shape, making the X2 easy to control when overpowered. Our test team was particularly impressed with the smooth handling and control at speed. It is a great choice for widebody freeride boards.


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Brand Naish
Ability Level No
Accessories No
Construction No
Design No
Flex No
Grip No
Hull No

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